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Everything started with a short little text that had big implications.  "How serious are you about your pursuit of video?" The text from a close friend of mine hit me like a Mack truck. For almost as long as I can remember, I have wanted to make movies - whether they were slideshows, funny sketches, or simply recap videos from my band and choir days. I just loved making people smile and giving them something they could watch in the years to come.

Laura and I playfully fighting over frozen lemonade :)
Photo by (she's awesome)

I even got my Communication degree with a concentration in Film and TV from the University of Memphis (GO TIGERS!).  Once I graduated and got married, however, making movies fell by the wayside. Providing for my sweet wife Laura became my number one priority. I made no room for my filmmaking dream.

So, that short text rang in my ears. I had forgotten about one of my greatest passions - telling stories. That text was the turning point. With my wife, family, and friends supporting me, I have begun to revisit the idea of making movies full time.

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